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Minds in Motion Early Learning School

11 Sycamore Creek Drive
Springboro, OH 45066

(937) 748-1991


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Minds In Motion children will be placed in an environment that will provide them with opportunities to learn at their own developmental level with teachers that are motivating and inspiring. This environment will be developmentally appropriate and the children will be given adequate time to play as they learn in this setting. This "play" will be done through hands-on materials and will
help the child explore, manipulate, and gather information in a way that is meaningful for them. The teacher will help each child develop a positive self-image, social skills, critical thinking skills, and motor skills. The environment will also be full of print materials and literature will be shared with the children daily. This will help the child make the reading and writing connection. A teacher will strive to meet the needs of each child as pre and post assessment data will
take place. The academic learning through creative play will help each child experience success.
Our philosophy is to have children work together in a friendly, nurturing, safe and interactive atmosphere. The teacher will collaborate with the parents in an effort to include them in the social and academic development of their children; communication will be welcome and ongoing. Parent volunteers and community helpers will be used in the classroom to help be a part of the growth of the young children."
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"A Day at Minds In Motion
A r r i v a l ( 9 : 0 0 - 9 : 1 5 o r 1 2 : 3 0 - 1 2 : 4 5 )
The teacher greets the children and they will be involved in an attendance
activity such as a sign-in sheet. The teacher will then encourage the children to
make a choice at one of the centers.
F r e e C h o i c e C e n t e r s ( 9 : 0 0 o r 1 2 : 3 0 )
The children may circulate through the following free choice center until meeting
time. This special time is for the children to interact and share with their peers
while working on developmental skills.
Art, Blocks, Reading, Games, Dramatic Play
M e e t i n g T i m e (9:45 or 1:15)
This is the teacher directed time of academic learning. The emphasis will be on
listening, language skills, and literature. The students will listen to a story, view
enlarged print from charts and big books, and observe as the teacher models
writing. A math lesson will also take place through the calendar and weather
activities. Coming together in the meeting area for large group instruction will
also create a sense of community among the children.
W o r k C h o i c e C e n t e r s ( 1 0 : 1 5 o r 1 : 4 5 )
The teacher will conduct planned, small-group skill activities centered on high
interest themes. During this time, the teacher will be a facilitator and work oneon-
one with each child.
G r o s s M o t o r / M u s i c T i m e ( 1 0 : 4 5 o r 2 : 1 5 )
This is a large group activity. The children will work on their physical
development to improve coordination and balance or they will learn to play and
move with music.
C l o s i n g ( 1 1 : 2 5 o r 2 : 5 5 )
The children will gather at the end of the day to recall events of the day in order
to help them make connections and communicate the events with their parents.
They will also collect their belongings as they increase their independence.
D i s m i s s a l ( 1 1 : 3 0 o r 3 : 0 0 )"
Excerpted from the preschool's website