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Hillside Preschool Cooperative

7121 Valley View Drive
Independence, OH 44131

(216) 524-2124


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"It is the main goal of the Hillside Preschool Co-Op to bring parents and children together at a preschool center of education with the parents being meaningfully involved in the classroom activities. It is the philosophy and goal of this preschool to ensure that the children attending develop the readiness skills necessary for a good kindergarten education. The preschool experience provides the opportunity for your child to interact with his/her peers in a learning environment. The greater majority of the skills training will be in the area of perceptual development and the formation of further education.
Our program focuses on activities that will help your child move through the normal stages of development and will prepare him or her for a positive learning experience in a formal school. This is a very important aspect for the first experience a child has with school and will usually remain with them all through school. The readiness program will provide opportunities which develop pre-math and pre-reading skills. Preschool children need many opportunities to manipulate objects, explore how things work, ask questions, and use their senses. Art and music allow your child to express his or her own individuality. Science will awaken your child's sense of wonder. Language development provides children with vocabulary, speech development, and extended knowledge.
Our program is carefully planned with objectives that relate to the theme of the day and week. This theme will be given to you on a monthly parent calendar. The routine of the day follows a regular pattern and all are planned to provide a learning experience for your child.
Excerpted from the preschool's website