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Christ Luth Church Lc-Ms - Little Bud Preschool

3301 Compton Road
Cincinnati, OH 45251

(513) 385-8404


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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Little Bud Preschool had its humble beginning prompted by a famous quote from a long-time Christ Lutheran Church member who said, "Let's make the preschool a little bud for our church's outreach to others." And thus, Little Bud Preschool sprang to life in God's love for His children. Since that seed was fist sown in 1998, we have, with the Holy Spirit's guidance, nurtured 387 preschoolers representing 200 families from outside our church's congregation.

•To achieve and sustain regular annual enrollment at the level of 100 children

•To optimize the use of Church facilities to support of the needs of the Preschool including:
o Expanded classroom space to support a 100 child enrollment
o Expanded storage space for materials and equipment
o Compliance with State and Local building regulations

•To expand staff as necessary to support growing enrollment levels

•To hire staff exclusively from the Christ Lutheran Church or sister Lutheran Church membership roles to insure consistency of quality and Christ centeredness

•To facilitate development of closer relationships between Christ Lutheran Congregation members and the families of Little Bud

•To acquire accreditation at the national level

Excerpted from the preschool's website