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Port Washington, NY 11050-2279

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"At the Happy Montessori School, we are influenced by the Montessori philosophy. This says that in order for children to develop to the fullest, they must have freedom; a freedom that is best achieved through structure and predictability.

Dr.Maria Montessori developed the notion of the "prepared environment" which possess certain order and disposes the children to develop at their own speed, according to their capabilities. As a result, children move themselves toward learning. The teacher may prepare the environment, design an activity, and function as a reference person, but it is the children who make choices, who are motivated by the joy of discovery and accomplishment to persist in their chosen task. The Montessori children are free to learn because they have acquired an inner discipline from their exposure to structure and predictability in a noncompetitive environment.

More important than any theory, however, is admiration and respect for each child's unique equalities. At the most basic level, we believe that the essentials of good education for young children are support, predictability, warmth, and acceptance. We are proud to have provided these ingredients to children for thirty years.

Excerpted from the preschool's website