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Lycée Français de New York

505 East 75th Street
New York, NY 10021

(212) 369-1400


Philosophy & Approach

Curriculum & Teaching Approach

From the Director:

"It awards the New York State High School Diploma and prepares its students to pass the French baccalaureate. Throughout its history, the LFNY has remained true to its original charter 'to operate as a School and to give instruction similar to that given in a French Lycee, yet so arranged that persons completing the course of study may continue higher education either in French or American educational institutions.' (website) In the Early Childhood Program ('ecole maternelle'), which includes nursery, pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten levels, half of all instruction is in English, half in French. Teams of French and American teachers do more than prepare the students for the work they will do in elementary school - they also help them with socialization skills, learning to express themselves in a manner appropriate to the time and place, learning to understand the consequences of their actions. From first grade onward ('ecole elementaire'), students are familiar enough with the language to receive their primary instruction in French. When the 1st graders learn reading skills, for example, they are taught first in French and then in English. As students progress through the Lower School, they build on their basic language and math skills and add studies in computers, astronomy, earth and life sciences, U.S. and French history and geography, civics, music, art and physical education." (SOURCE:

Day in the Life

General School Mission

" The LFNY's mission is to prepare its students to be responsible citizens equipped for the world of tomorrow. To accomplish this, the School primarily and fundamentally relies on the French language, classical educational system and culture. At the same time, the School provides a thorough understanding of American language and culture. Our teaching methods reflect both a traditional insistence on intellectual discipline as well as a respect for individual creativity and imagination."

" Our mission comprises three basic objectives, each one equally crucial to our students' complete education: Academic excellence, physical, psychological, emotional equilibrium, and responsible citizenship. By pursuing these objectives with a demanding and rigorous curriculum that includes a rich program of artistic and cultural activities, the LFNY endeavors to foster the development of independent, creative minds and a strong work ethic. The LFNY promotes self-respect and the respect of others by following strict rules of conduct in a community spirit and with an acceptance of diversity. Beginning in first grade, French is the main language of instruction and the School essentially follows the program of the French Ministry of National Education. The English program aims at incorporating the essential elements of an American education as provided in top-level American private schools. It is the blending of these two programs with qualified teachers dedicated to our mission that distinguishes the LFNY. Our students also benefit from small classes and assistance to bolster language skills. This ensures that they can easily enter or re-enter the French and American systems at will." Extracted from