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Mountain Road School

5 Abode Rd
New Lebanon, NY 12125-2600

(518) 794-8520


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Mountain Road School's philosophy of education stresses the importance of nurturing all areas of human development in the child as well as the unique pace of each child's growth socially, emotionally, and academically. Small class sizes and flexible age groupings allow these needs to be met in ways that are not possible in larger groups. Communication skills - so important in personal growth and so vital to success in today's world - are given an opportunity to flourish. Children feel their importance within the group and are guided to be positive members of their school community. In this warm, supportive atmosphere each child's development is nourished, and each child's potential flourishes. This is what we mean by Heartfelt Education.

Giving a child a strong sense of self and of one's place within the community and in the greater world is key to our philosophy. As a small school, we can provide many opportunities for interactions among children of all ages and classes. Once a week an older child is paired with a younger "buddy" for activities of their choosing. Schoolwide celebrations are frequent, as are school field trips.

Every Friday morning the whole school gathers in the "Family Room" for Big Circle to share thoughts, feelings, stories, songs, dances, and experiences. For the past three years we have devoted a number of school circletimes to various character traits such as cooperation, respect, self-control, honesty, gratitude, acceptance, and caring. Each day the children have an outdoor recess - a time for noncompetitive games, tree climbing, dam/fort building, and snow sledding.
Excerpted from the preschool's website