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Circle Of Friends Preschool

1211 Manitou Rd
Hilton, NY 14468-9371

(585) 392-4010


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

A Typical Day

"Full facility free play: includes play kitchen, wooden building blocks and vehicles, playdough and button tables, puzzles, dress-up area, doll house, computers, games, books, ride-on toys, coloring, and let's not forget the teachers--the kids most favorite toy!
The benefits of this "Free Play" is to encourage sharing, cooperation, and decision making skills as well as fine and gross motor skills.
Clean up time: when free play time ends the children help to put the toys and other articles away in their proper place - almost. This helps foster responsibility and cooperation.
Group lesson: students complete a project to bring home and share with their family. Sometimes these beautiful projects are used to decorate the school for a short time. This helps develop listening skills and the ability to follow oral directions.
Circle time

azoo's corner: using puppets, finger plays, songs and poetry to teach basic concepts in counting, ABC's, colors, weather, and calendar, along with appropriate behavior skills.
Activity time (structured): varies daily, includes show & tell, music, gym area using indoor equipment, playground area using outdoor equipment (fenced in).
Snack time: the children eat a snack and take a well deserved break! This is an opportunity to encourage healthy snacking and reinforce good table manners.
Dismissal time: book bags get filled. Coats get buttoned and the children leave happy and tired!! "
Excerpted from the preschool's website