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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"A yeshiva education is more than the mere transmission of information. Its overall objective is to help young people grow into adults whose character reflects our core beliefs and value system. This means, love of G-d and Torah, the observance of mitzvot (Jewish laws), and genuine compassion for others. The great sage Hillel profoundly summed up our challenge and responsibility in this area when be stated: "If I am not for myself, who is for me? And being only for my own self, what am I?"(Avot 1:14)

Philosophically, we are a Modern Orthodox, co-educational institution which seeks to harmonize the secular and religious in ways that are compatible with both. These are a recognition of the value and importance of secular studies; a belief in Zionism and in the establishment of the State of Israel as an act of religious significance; a commitment to equality of education for both men and women; a belief that one can and should be a full member of modern society; a full acceptance of the importance of being able to financially support oneself and one's family.

These are the ideas that lie behind the way in which education is approached at the North Shore Hebrew Academy. In religious studies our goal is to inform our students about the rich and deeply meaningful heritage of the Torah, the basis of our existence. Our students study Biblical and Talmudic texts, explore Jewish history and culture, and learn about the crucial role of the State of Israel and Zionist philosophy. All religious studies classes are conducted in Hebrew, the language of our people from time immemorial. By teaching them to love religion and learning, our students will develop a lifelong commitment to Torah study at the highest levels.

The general studies curriculum provides our children with the basic tools needed to function in our society. Subjects covered include history, literature, social studies, science, mathematics, and computer studies. As part of our commitment to developing a culturally well-rounded individual we also offer music and art, accompanied by extra curricular activities and trips that takes advantage of the incredibly rich and diverse cultural offerings that exist in the New York Metropolitan Area. Finally, as believers in the importance of both a sound mind and a sound body, we offer physical education classes, as well as ample opportunities to play competitively in a variety of sports activities. Doing so teaches and reinforces the values of team play, cooperation,and striving for excellence that are part of the basic credo of American society.

We want to produce young men and women who can live in both worlds and whose education represents the finest that each tradition has to offer. That is why we encourage our educators to integrate, wherever appropriate, the timeless precepts of the Torah and our historical experiences into general studies so that our students will come to understand their relevance for other spheres of knowledge and their importance in contemporary civilization. Moreover, all classes are co-educational so as to give each student the same opportunity to maximize his or her intellectual and creative growth and to interact as they would in the larger society.

As parents we recognize that a school functions best when it is guided professionalesional educators in whom we have placed our trust. At the same time, we consider it our responsibility to give our educators guidance and direction regarding what we expect our children to come away with after having graduated from our yeshiva. It is in that spirit that we have formulated this statement."
Excerpted from the preschool's website