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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Montessori

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General School Mission

"The Montessori approach to education takes its name from Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator (1870-1952). She observed and worked with young children for over fifty years in Montessori schools worldwide. Her discoveries provide impor­tant insight into how children develop and learn.
children 'create' themselves; their education and development largely result from their own determined efforts.
children possess a deep desire to explore their environment with all of their senses.
children require freedom to move and choose their own activities.
each child has a strong sense of order with a desire and need for purposeful work.
the child's environment plays a significant role in providing information and opportunities for exploration.
adult intervention should be respectful and minimal, offering only what is necessary.
Excerpted from the preschool's website