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Greenburgh Hebrew Ctr Nursery

515 Broadway
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522-1198

(914) 693-5121


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Our purpose is to create an environment for two, three and four-year olds where self-con€dence and self-expression are encouraged and supported. In the process, our children also learn responsibility, respect for others, and decision making skills.

All of our activities are age- appropriate and appeal to a variety of learning styles and personalities. Our teachers understand the differences in the development of the young child, and therefore all activities in the classroom are hands on and relevant to each child. Projects are open-ended and focus on the process rather than the product. Consequently, children of all abilities can succeed and self-esteem grows.

In each age group, learning is implemented through a hands-on, play oriented approach. The general goal of our program is to develop strong social, €ne motor, gross motor and communication skills.

The Judaic component is an essential element of our children's educational experience at GHC. We feel that through the introduction of an age-appropriate Judaic curriculum in the pre-school years, our children will acquire a lifelong love and devotion to Judaism and the Jewish people. We strongly believe in teaching and practicing Jewish values. Our children are exposed to and participate in Jewish rituals, cultural practices, and holiday celebrations through song, story and art
Excerpted from the preschool's website