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The Village Nursery School

120 & 300 King Street, P.O. Box 365
Chappaqua, NY 10514

(914) 238-4800


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Village Nursery School is a happy, satisfying and stimulating introduction to group learning, coupled with social and personal growth as chief goals. Our objective is an atmosphere of acceptance for each individual child and family, placing importance on respecting the differences and rights of others.
We believe that freedom of expression within sensible and responsible guidelines will build a stable foundation for present and future learning and social interaction. Traditional values are encouraged, supported and taught. Our goal is to continue the beginning made at home toward a healthy, happy, enthusiastic thirst for learning that will continue throughout and in preparation for the years ahead.
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Arrival and Dismissal
Parents are welcome to walk their children into the classroom each day or to "drop off" with one of the staff who will welcome him or her at the curb and walk him or her to the classroom.
Parents may walk in to pick up their children or may drive up to the curb. In the latter case, a staff member will walk him or her to the car.
Indoor Free Play
Children are given an opportunity to choose their own activities and are encouraged to express their own ideas and to discover new materials. Children learn best through play. Learning Centers are set up in each classroom to stimulate imagination for the children who provide their own natural curiosity and enthusiasm. Creative and dramatic play develops through the use of toy vehicles, dress-up clothes, puppets, dolls, toy animals, blocks, play foods and dishes, and through the sharing of ideas.
Paste, scissors, paint, wood, clay, tools, art materials and puzzles are available for creative expression and structured projects. Use of these materials helps foster small-motor development and eye-hand coordination.
Cleaning up after play and activity times encourages group and individual responsibility.
Wash-Up and Snack
Healthy habits are taught through the modeling of proper hand washing and drying before eating. The children learn to sit together and to interact using good table manners. Language continues to emerge and develop through table conversation. Teachers sit with the children and encourage the children's conversation during snack.
Circle Time
A part of every well-planned program for your children includes direct learning experiences in a group. Our teachers use these "together times" including the use finger plays, stories, structured learning and discovery segments, music and musical instruments, games, poetry, rhythm and creative movement exercises, and Sharing Days as part of these group sessions.
Listening to stories, records, and music provides a restful change of pace from the other activities of the day. The children learn songs with and without the piano. Children are encouraged to look at books of all kinds. At least one story is read to the children each day. Classes often plan dramatizations and puppet shows as a group after hearing a story they have enjoyed.
Trips and Special Activities
Our school is in an ideal location in the center of town, a child's walking distance to many places. Trips to points of interest in the community are planned during the year. These trips take place as they fit into the theme focus in the classroom. Examples of such trips are the library, firehouse, post office, local store, fruit stand, and nature walks. The four-year-old classes take planned, chaperoned field trips within a half-hour's driving distance.
We also have special guests come to our classrooms such as a pediatric dentist, a fireman, a policeman, storytellers, and animal handlers. To enrich our program, we call upon the special talents of our parents and other adults in Chappaqua, and surrounding communities. Parents are encouraged but not required to participate in our program and to visit us at any time. We welcome suggestions from parents.
Outdoor play is an important part of the pre-kindergarten program. It helps develop large muscles and builds self-confidence. Children engage in running, jumping, climbing, digging, appropriate pushing

ulling, etc. Again, the staff is always present to challenge, redirect and supervise.
The children learn about their environment: the weather, the care of pets and plants through simple sensory experiments and actual experiences on our playgrounds.
Excerpted from the preschool's website