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Buffalo, NY 14218

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

A Typical Day

"This is a typical INFANT DAY:
On-Carpet Time for Fine Motor Development
" Grasping " Turning " Tracking " Cause & Effect
Outside Time Provided
" Balls " Push/Pull Toys " Strollers " Infant Swings
Sensory Activities
" Touching " Feely Books " Textures
Gross Motor Movement Development
" Reaching " Pushing " Pulling " Crawling " Cruising
Nap Time Provided
Fine Motor Development
" Target Experience " Pounding " Throwing
Gross Motor Development
" Rolling " Climbing " Crawling
Language Development
" Talking " Listening " Looking
Music Activities
" Moving to Rhythms " Listening " Singing
A typical day in the life of a PRESCHOOLER at Rhymes & Reasons®:
Math Magic
Handwriting Helpers
Morning and afternoon learning center
computers, arts and crafts, blocks, puzzles, library and much, much more
Journal Writing Time
Circle Time to talk about the day’s activities
Physical Fitness and Snacks
Visiting our Rhymes Village
“Big Book� Literature Reading Experiences
Music and Movement activities
Social manners and self-help skills activities
This is a typical TODDLER DAY:
Greeting Children Fine Motor Activities
" Puzzles " Table Toys " Small Blocks
Morning Snack
Gross Motor Activities
" Climbing " Two-hand Throwing " Ball Throwing " Balancing
Outside Time (Diaper Change as Needed)
Language Development
" Labeling " Talking " Story Time " Flannelboard " Fingerplays
Art Activities and Nature Activities
Clean Up Time (Diaper Change as Needed)
Lunch Time Quiet Activities Before Rest Time
Quiet Rest Time
Wake Up Time, Diaper Changing, Afternoon Snack
Outside Time
Music Activities"
Excerpted from the preschool's website