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Child Development Center Of Kingsborough Community College

2001 Oriental Boulevard
Brooklyn, NY 11235-2398

(718) 265-5343


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The center's primary goal is to provide a rich educational experience with the objective of stimulating the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of each child. We also provide a safe, nurturing environment for the preschooler while his/her parent(s) attends classes.
The center's approach is a developmental one. This means that the structure of the program and the interaction between the teachers and children, and anong the children themselves are based on an understanding of the particular developmental stages of the children, and are geared toward fostering the maximum intellectual, social and emotional growth for that stage. The developmental approach recognizes the need to understand and work with the "whole" child, encouraging and acknowledging the individuality and autonomy of each child in order to promote a positive self-image.
We believe that children learn through play and socialization. We encourage children's enthusiastic explorations of the classroom and help them to learn to interact effectively with their pees. Through these daily investigations,children gain knowledge and confidence.They develop a love of learning that leads to a more confident and creative child and student.
We foster independent growth by allowing children to choose from a variety of materials and activities through each day. Consistent adherence to this approach contributes to children's abilities and competence.
Excerpted from the preschool's website