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Philosophy & Approach

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General School Mission

"At learning Adventures, we believe that children-and adults!-learn best through experience. In the child's case this means to learn by doing. This way the child can explore any subject matter at his or her own pace, without our expectations of or for the child inhibiting the learning process. As teachers in the child's environment, it is our responsibility to introduce the subject matter and guide him through this process. Through our observations we can direct the child and help her to grow and establish a true love of learning.
Through this method the child is able to see concrete examples behind the abstract concepts in Mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science. By building with blocks a child can learn about size, shape and numbers. He uses his words and command of language to describe what he has built. By participating in a group activity at the water table she can learn about how things work-does it float?Can it hold water? These questions become class "stories" and encourage writing skills.
Finally, by allowing the child to explore the classroom through introduction, choice time, and group activity the child is able to gain independence and self esteem…"I did it all by myself." We encourage the child to be an individual who is able to function as part of a group. Our environment is nurturing,safe and stimulates the child's couriosity.Because we respect the children in our care ,the atmosphere is one of respect for peers and the classroom itself.It is our goal at Learning Adventures to provide the place, materials and direction so that the child can truly "learn through adventures".
Excerpted from the preschool's website