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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

From the Director:

"The principles of the Tutor Time® LifeSmart™ curriculum follow the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practice set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Our curriculum is based on extensive research and inspired by the work of respected development/early education theorists Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson and Lev Vygotsky, and inspired by Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. We’ve arranged these multiple intelligences into eight distinct ways that kids can be intelligent, or our eight “Smarts.” WordSmart: Likes to read, write and tell stories and excels at learning and using new words. MathSmart: Explores patterns and numbers, and enjoys figuring out how things work. BodySmart: Uses body language, loves to move and play sports, excels at dancing and other physical activity. DesignSmart: “The visualizer” loves to understand maps, draw, build, design and create. MusicSmart: Has a natural sense of rhythm, and enjoys singing, playing instruments and listening to music. NatureSmart: Likes to be outside and care for living things. PeopleSmart: “The socializer” likes to work in groups, pretend to be someone else, and is sensitive to the feelings of others. MeSmart: Likes to be introspective, is in-tune with their personal feelings and thoughts and enjoys working alone. Our classrooms include learning centers full of ways for kids to explore and investigate all eight areas, and to build problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Tutor Time teachers supplement these experiences with group activities that focus on a variety of curricular themes. This curriculum gives children the tools they need to grow and develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Along with a strong emphasis on mathematics and literacy skills, our programs give children a framework they can use throughout school — they learn to love learning. In fact, Tutor Time is one of the few early education providers who conducts a formal assessment to determine how well its curriculum is preparing children for future academic success. Results from a recent assessment showed that children attending Tutor Time made substantial gains in their learning and development and have the educational skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten. Some of the areas evaluated included Language and Literacy, Early Math and Approaches to Learning. To see the detailed results on this assessment, please click here. With programs for infants through elementary school students, Tutor Time has something for every family." Excerpted from Preschools Website

Day in the Life

General School Mission

We are the international leader in child education and family solutions, which impact and inspire lifelong learning.

To develop innovative Learning Care solutions which enable us to grow the number of children and families served and to be recognized as the premier child and family education corporation in the world.

Through our leadership and passion we will:

Provide a secure, caring and enriched environment that promotes learning and the development of the whole child.
Develop lifelong relationships, create family solutions, and enhance the quality of life for our families.
Provide a fun, challenging work environment that fosters teamwork, inspires professional excellence, and encourages contribution by all team members.
Leverage technology to develop innovative learning products and solutions.
Provide superior levels of support and service to our schools.
Achieve the best financial performance in the industry, allowing us to fulfill our mission.
Honesty, Trust, Passion for Excellence, Love of Learning, and Innovation"

Excerpted from Preschools Website