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Reno Christian Fellowship Pre-School

1700 Zolezzi Lane
Reno, NV 89511

(775) 853-2480


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

R.C.F. Pre-School is a developmentally focused program; which means that we recognize that children move through specific stages of development at their own individual pace. Each child has its own learning style and temperament which contribute to how they process information and retain it as knowledge.
A developmental program recognizes the way that children construct knowledge-through hands on exploration and discovery-and the fundamental significance of mastery at each developmental level.
R.C.F. Pre-School focuses on the process of learning, rather than the product. When the process of learning is established the product will follow. All later education will be built upon the foundation established during the pre-school years. It is our goal to provide a solid foundation, strong and well grounded in developmentally appropriate practice, on which to build.
Three's and Early Four's
At this level, children are very active and curious. They have a short attention span when being spoken to or asked to engage in an activity in which they have no interest. We have learned, however, that they can stay in an activity for extended periods of time when they are in control of the direction of the activity. Given the opportunity, they will explore and discover and repeat an activity until they master it. The daily schedule will reflect each student's attention span, natural curiosity, and fundamental need to move.
Pre-School Curriculum - Threes and Early Fours
Students will be exposed to a wide variety of age appropriate activities, rich in sensory exploration and discovery.
• They will be given the opportunity to explore language through stories and song-developing a pattern for sentence structure and vocabulary. Language arts will be offered daily at theme time.
• They will be given the opportunity to explore math and science concepts through activities such as; sorting, matching, counting, blocks, magnets, and hands on exploration of natural materials.
• They will be given the opportunity to grow in personal and social awareness through group activities and dramatic play. Self-reliance will be fostered through daily tasks.
• They will be given the opportunity to grow in physical development through large and fine motor activities. Brain development is linked to movement in the early years, therefore, movement will hold a prominent place in the daily schedule.
• They will be given the opportunity to express themselves creatively through daily art experiences. The students will be exposed to a wide variety of materials and mediums. Self-expression is the goal, therefore, specific models will not be provided.
All activities are designed to promote brain development necessary for later activities such as; reading/comprehension, writing, critical thinking and problem solving.
R.C.F. Pre-School focuses on the development of social skills necessary for interacting as part of a community. The family, classroom, and the work place are all communities. Each community may have different expectations and require different skills. Children need to be equipped with such skills as; listening, communication, conflict resolution, following instructions, sharing and taking turns. Respect (I have value, you have value) is the foundation of the social curriculum.
We believe every child is uniquely created and loved by God. This is the core of the Christian teaching. Every child needs individual attention, love and acceptance. It is our desire to provide this for each child. Bible time is a part of the Christian curriculum. Children learn two Bible verses each month. The love of God is emphasized with story, song and puppet shows. Children are encouraged to give thanks at snack and lunch time. All children are welcomed to participate in prayer, but are not required to do so. Christmas and Easter are celebrated.
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

" Our daily schedule will include the following activities:
• Bible and worship time
• exploration of a weekly theme
• quantitative math concepts
• pre-reading and pre-writing skills
• science
• creative art
• language
• music
• fine and gross motor activities
Excerpted from the preschool's website