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St Jerome School

250 Wall Street
West Long Branch, NJ 07764

(732) 222-8686


Philosophy & Approach

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General School Mission

"Saint Jerome Parochial School aims to provide an excellent academic education which fosters Catholic teachings and Christian formation. This value-based quality education incorporates an integrated curriculum seeking to provide the students with skills they will need to live in a global, technologically challenging society made up of various cultural heritages.
Acknowledging the primary role of parents /guardians as teachers of their children within the family context, we recognize the need for close collaboration with the students' families. We seek to establish means to inform and support them in guiding their children to be academically successful and socially well-adjusted. We believe that every facet of each individual student is important: spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, social and physical. We believe that all these areas need developmental care as they are formed within the family and within our school environment.
As professional Christian educators, our dedication is enhanced by our desire not just to teach, but to lead children to an ever-deepening love of God, neighbor, country, and to the development of self-respect, self-discipline, respect for others and an understanding of personal responsibility.
Saint Jerome School implements a strong, academic program which develops basic skills, technological acuity and creative expression. The critical thinking process is integrated and extended in each grade level so students advance in their ability to reflect, judge and make meaningful choices.
A sensitivity to and awareness of the needs of others and the need to care for the world in which we live have always been a part of American tradition and values. We continue to build upon this Christian attitude, as it is an inherent part of faith education to continue to spread these Gospel values in our society. We believe these values enhance the academic curriculum and lead to developing individuals with character and integrity which is so necessary in our world today.
Thus Saint Jerome School fosters in its students a sincere, lasting appreciation for academic achievement, an appreciation and love for our American heritage and ideals, and a continuing growth in love of God and neighbor through our Catholic faith and Christian values.
Excerpted from the preschool's website