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Puddles Of Fun Preschool

Bay Avenue Vaughn
Toms River, NJ 08753

(732) 288-2800


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Mission :
The Puddles of Fun Preschool is a learning center whose mission is to
educate three, four, and five year old children (who fit into the pre-school
requirements) using a state-of-the-art curriculum program to prepare
young minds for their early educational years.

The P.F.C. is a child centered program that nurtures each child by offering
carefully selected and carefully sequenced learning experiences. It provides a
wealth of materials and ideas to foster the social-emotional, intellectual, and
physical development of children. At the same time, it nurtures the natural
curiosity and sense of self that can serve as the foundation for a lifetime of

The lesson format is designed to present information in a way that makes it easy
for children to learn. The cycle is modeled on knowledge gained from the latest
neuroscience research. Intelligence is, in large part, our ability to see patterns
and build relationships out of those patterns, which is why the P.F.C. is focused
on helping children see the patterns in what they are learning. It builds an
understanding of how newly taught material resembles what children already
know. Then, it takes the differences in the new material and helps the children
convert them into new understanding.

The aspect of the P.F.C. is designed to make learning instinctive. Circle Time at
the beginning and end of each day helps children focus on the learning process,
reflect on new concepts, and make important connections. The practice portions
of the lessons are designed to allow children to apply what they have learned.
Neuroscience research reveals that unless knowledge is applied within twenty-
four hours of its introduction, it will probably have to be relearned.
The early years, birth to age six, are the most fertile years in an individual’s life for
developing language skills. So lessons in the P.F.C. are focused on language
acquisition and those all-important early reading skills. With the right foundation,
reading success is only a matter of maturation.

For children to grow intellectually, they must feel confident in their abilities and
secure in their relationships with teachers, family members, and peers. The
P.F.C. addresses social-emotional development in a number of ways. It is
included in every lesson (via positive reinforcement), built into content
connections (via interactive activities), and inherent in the way families are
actively involved in the Puddles of Fun Preschool classroom.
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"1. Arrival: hang up jacket and proceed to complete cubby assignment
return cubby and go to Circle Time
2. Circle Time (1): count Friends, discuss weather, calendar, assign
helpers, and discuss the day's objective
3. Table Work: introduce the \"Book of the Day\", children will hear the
story and do a related craft or worksheet (age appropriate)
4. Centers: children free-play at the center of their choice
5. Snack: children will visit the bathroom/wash hands, and eat a
healthy snack with a \"real\" juice drink or choice of spring water
6. Math: children will participate in a math concept and go to the math
center to play with manipulatives (age appropriate)
7. Arts& Crafts: children will create their own picture through painting
or creating with crafts
(if project is too wet - will come home next school day)
8. Outside Play: weather permitting children will have free play
9. outside - Scavenger Hunts are always FUN!
10. Bathroom Visit: another visit to wash hands and use the bathroom
11. Science/Health/Social Studies: depending on the lesson for that
day. Children will participate in one of these subjects and play with
the manipulatives/experiment in that learning center
12. Computer Lab: introduces children to early literacy skills. May be
used at free-time for educational games as well
13. Circle Time (2): Re-read the book of day/discuss, re-cap the day

14. School Trips: are allowed if all parents are able to transport their
child/ren to the location. Approximate 1-hour of class time is used
for school trips. Most trips are local to Toms River.
Excerpted from the preschool's website