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Hillside Nursery School

113B South Hillside Avenue
Succasunna, NJ 07876

(973) 584-6040


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"We believe early childhood education builds a foundation for future learning by fostering positive attitudes towards school and the learning process. Children need to be involved in the educational process. This involvement enhances their own experiences and allows them to discover and develop their individual abilities and talents. Learning best takes place in a nurturing, positive and enjoyable atmosphere that takes advantage of a child's natural eagerness to explore, inquire and experiment within the framework of their appropriate developmental level. A variety of instructional approaches coupled with a strong home and school involvement is necessary to reach all types of learners. Teaching and learning should take place utilizing many different methods of instruction and incorporating different aspects of the curriculum whenever possible"
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"A Typical Day at Hillside Nursery School
Our day starts with the assistant teachers taking the children out of their car and walking them into the building. Once inside, they are greeted by the teachers and can interact with their classmates and teachers while the other children are arriving. Within ten minutes, the children proceed to their cubbies where they hang up their coats and tote bags. Then each class proceeds to their first room. Each class will rotate with their teacher and assistant through all three Nursery School rooms and to the gym or playground during their school session.
The Song, Snack and "Time with God" Room
This room is set up for the children to enjoy a variety of singing and group action activities. We have a Song Book for each age group, filled with songs and poems that they learn throughout the year. We also have a wide selection of records, tapes and CD's that provide us with lots of fun activities. We include a short Bible Story in this room using the Beginner Bible as a basis for our curriculum. After a short bathroom break, the class then has Snack.
The Learning Center Room
This room is set up for the children to learn their main lesson of the day. The class starts off with Calendar, Weather, and Seasonal Activities and then focuses on a different lesson each week. The Three Year Olds will cover the colors, shapes and numbers 1-10, along with many other topics in Science and Social Studies. The Four Year Olds will cover the numbers 1-12 and the letters of the alphabet, along with many other topics in Science and Social Studies. This room also offers the children a chance for small group Learning Center time, which usually coordinates with the lessons.
Gym or Playground Time
Large Muscle activities are also planned into each school session. We go outside to our enclosed playground everyday, weather permitting. We have a large climbing apparatus, a monkey bar, a playhouse, Little Tikes play equipment, and five covered sand boxes for the children to use. During cold or inclement weather, we use the large carpeted gym to do a variety of gross motor skill activities such as balls, hoops, parachute, games, marches, scooters, etc.
The Art and Free Play Room
This room is set up for the children to cooperatively play with others in a variety of play centers which includes the following: large and small block centers, a work bench, a beauty shop, a housekeeping area, dress up clothes, stuffed animals, dolls, a reading area, three computers loaded with early childhood games, a science table, a water table, a sand table, play dough, free art choices such as cutting, gluing and coloring, and a variety of other games and table toys that are rotated throughout the year. This room is structured to stimulate dramatic play, cooperative play and the freedom to explore many different material and items. While in this room, the teacher will call a few children at a time to complete a supervised art project that coordinates with the day's lesson. This room also has a child size bathroom that the children can use at anytime. We encourage them to be self-sufficient in this area and always to wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Excerpted from the preschool's website