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Ringwood Christian School

30 Carletondale Road
Ringwood, NJ 07456

(973) 962-4996


Philosophy & Approach

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General School Mission

"The mission of Ringwood Christian School is to assist the Christian church and home in the instruction and development of its children - intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Maintaining its distinctive service within the community, it will provide a "total education centered in Christ."

The Ringwood Christian School adopts the historic, Christian view of life as presented in the Bible. Since God created and sustains everything through His Son, Jesus Christ, the world and life are God-centered and should glorify Him. Man being a sinner by nature and choice, however, cannot in this condition glorify or know God. He can do this only by being recreated in God's image through committing his life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The total process of education, therefore, must seek this restoration of the student to the position of true knowledge, righteousness, and holiness in Christ by developing and relating the whole person to God spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically. It must present all truth as God's truth and must be interpreted and integrated with God's Word. Such education is primarily the parents' responsibility, and the school should function as an extension of the home to aid parents in giving this education.

For the spiritual and moral growth of the student, the School seeks

to teach the essential doctrines of the historic,
Christian faith,

to lead the pupils into a personal, saving relationship
with Christ as Lord and Savior, and

to develop a desire to know and to do the will of God.

For the student's personal and social development, the School aims

to develop a balanced personality based on a proper
understanding and acceptance of himself as God made him and on the full
development of his capabilities in Christ.

Academically, the School endeavors

to promote high academic standards and help the students
gain a thorough comprehension and command of the fundamental processes
used in communicating with others.

Working with the home from which the student comes, the School desires

to cooperate with the parents in every phase of the
student's development, especially as it relates to the School program, and

to aid families in making their homes God-centered.

Excerpted from the preschool's website