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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

" a philosophy of developing each child's self-esteem and provides a total conceptual learning experience for an individual's developmental level. We feel that no child should be forced beyond his or her readiness level and that all children need time, space, and opportunity to develop into competent individuals.

Under the leadership of Diane Cappelluti, members of the school community engage in a variety of efforts to clarify teaching practices reflecting its shared philosophy.

The school's faculty is a combination of experience and youthful vitality. Always ready to explore the potential of new methods and materials, each teacher brings proven teaching ability to the classroom, creates much of her own teaching materials for program enrichment, and takes an active role in curriculum development. Staff members are encouraged to continue their professional development through workshops and graduate school.

Our expertise has been recognized by Bergen Community College who sends its students to our campus as a field site in their education program.


Our basic goal is to guide each child toward self-confidence in a warm, supportive environment.

The staff carefully chooses learning materials and plans activities to encourage each child to think creatively, develop a sense of curiosity, draw conclusions, and make comparisons. Additionally, the staff is always ready to seize opportunities that present themselves and turn them into rich learning experiences.

Our teachers help children become aware of their own feelings, express them verbally, and respect the feelings of those around them.

Large and small motor development activities, free choice, snack, small group time, art, music and cooking are all included in the daily activities. Rooms are divided into many areas, each with a variety of learning materials. Some of the materials are designed to teach a specific skill while others invite exploration. Open areas, quiet corners, large windows, and carefully chosen materials (including computers) provide spaces responsive to the needs of young children.

The program is structured to allow for multi-age interaction each day. It is designed to resemble families and neighborhoods which throughout history have formally provided much of children's socialization and education.
Excerpted from the preschool's website