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Notre Dame-Primary Div

555 Prospect Avenue
Ridgefield, NJ 07657

(201) 943-4209


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Notre Dame is dedicated to providing quality education in an atmosphere of Catholic values and principles. We strive to instill Christian values in each child through example, respect for one another and tolerance of differences.
We recognize the role of parents in the initial formation of Christian values and endeavor to respect the relationship that exists between parent and child. We share with the parents the on-going process of moral development.
We strive to maintain an an atmosphere that allows for the Good News of Jesus to be shared with others. Opportunities are provided to allow the students to worship together as a school community through prayer services and liturgies.
As a community of faith, the Notre Dame community reaches out to others in need through service projects conscious of the Gospel message promoting peace and justice.
At Notre Dame, we realize that we must develop self-confidence in each child by encouraging them to reach their potential. We strive to create a program that allows for spiritual, intellectual, emotional, cultural, social and physical development.
We strive to create a balance in order that our students use their talents to responsibly meet the challenges they face in their daily lives. We realize that we are called to respond to the message of Jesus and to love God and others.
At Notre Dame, we realize that all children learn at different levels. We strive to recognize the different gifts and abilities of each child and to encourage the development of God-given talents. We focus on the dignity of each child as a person encouraging their strengths and allowing them to realize their potential. We endeavor to recognize individual accomplishments by the development of self-confidence through praise and recognition.
Notre Dame is a community of administrators, teachers, staff members and students who cooperatively work together for the best interests of the students. It is our goal to develop in the students a positive self-image respecting the strengths and different abilities of each child. We strive to promote a spirit of cooperation among the students. We work together to focus on an understanding of self and an awareness of the Christian responsibility of service to others.
Students at Notre Dame are expected to respect one another and to be tolerant of feelings and abilities. They are encouraged to be responsible for their actions in word and deed. They learn to tolerate, appreciate and celebrate cultural differences. A caring atmosphere exists among students at Notre Dame.
Teachers and staff at Notre Dame strive to be role models conveying the Christian message and values to each student. We seek to create a living-learning environment in which the students are happy and fulfilled. We endeavor to nurture the students in a secure, non-threatening environment. Teachers at Notre Dame strive to work together in mutual respect and cooperation to achieve common educational goals. Their ultimate goal is to bring out the potential in their students. An atmosphere of personal and professional respect exists at Notre Dame.
At Notre Dame, teachers and parents work together to foster a cooperative relationship based on respect and understanding. Teachers and parents realize that they must work together and keep the lines of communication open to ensure that each student may perform to the best of his/her ability."
Excerpted from the preschool's website