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General School Mission

"What are the ingredients that constitute a child oriented school? This question was our primary concern when developing the goals of our program. Should we concern ourselves solely with ways to stimulate intellectual development or give concern for all areas of development? After researching the question, we concurred with educators and psychologists who found that restrictive programs do not consider all the needs of young people who are in the formative years of development.
To meet all their needs, our goals must include opportunities for wholesome social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. This is accomplished through activities designed to help the child to develop a feeling of self worth, confidence, creativity, curiosity and a sense of independence.
We feel it is important for the child to interact with other children, as well as with adults, and to develop an ability to think, reflect, feel and conceptualize. Our school is dedicated to the happy, healthy growth and development of each individual child and our goals have been established with this in mind.
We want to help parents develop a competent creative child who will function in life as an effective happy human being. It is hoped that the nursery school experiences will enrich the life of the young child toward these directions.
The school is concerned with the developmental needs of your child and the staff is caring, experienced, and knowledgeable. The school, staff and facilities meet all state requirements and are licensed by the State of New Jersey.
Excerpted from the preschool's website