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Philosophy & Approach

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General School Mission

"Young children are very special people. What they experience in their first years has a tremendous influence on the rest of their lives. Most experts agree that over one-half of adult intelligence is formed during the first seven years. Social attitudes are also greatly influenced. Physical growth takes place more rapidly than in any other period of life. This stage is also critical to the development of self-concept, or the feeling and attitudes we have about ourselves and our abilities.
In order to promote healthy and positive development in these areas, it is especially important for young children to:
participate in activities which challenge the imagination and stimulate creative thinking
form positive relationships with other children and adults outside the family group
engage in activities designed to foster the development of balance, strength and coordination
learn about their own special abilities while developing self-confidence and self-esteem
Children are significantly affected by their environment. At SUNDANCE there is a warm, cheerful atmosphere filled with friendly, happy feelings. A most essential ingredient for healthy development is love and there is lots of it at SUNDANCE.
Excerpted from the preschool's website