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St Virgils Church

250 Speedwell Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07950

(973) 538-1418


Philosophy & Approach

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General School Mission

"The goal of Catholic education is to work with parents in the intellectual and religious formation their students. A Catholic school will create a community that fosters intellectual curiosity, search for truth, moral growth, and healthy physical development, while allowing him or her to experience strong supportive relationships with others who hold common values in a climate of mutual respect and caring.
Catholic education bears the dual responsibilities of providing a high quality academic education comparable to the best secular schools, while at the same time not only teaching students the Catholic faith but also providing the spiritual atmosphere which allows that teaching to be integrated into students' lives.
A Catholic School should nurture children spiritually and academically in an environment of Christian caring and respect and provide young people with a firm faith foundation as part of solid, challenging fundamental education.
Accordingly, specific immediate hopes for Saint Virgil School include the following:
·To foster a community that values and nurtures each student, and cares for their individual needs.
·To review, revise, and enrich the curriculum in order to provide a strong preparation in the liberal arts as appropriate for each grade level.
·To improve upon the current academic formation in order to allow the student to achieve their highest potential and to allow them to attend their choice of Catholic or private high schools in the area.
·To set academic standards that exceed those available in local public education.
·To develop a curriculum that teaches students to make balanced, well reasoned judgments about themselves, others, their society and culture, as well as their current and past history.
·To expand learning opportunities so that St. Virgil School be regarded as one of the top three parochial schools in the diocese.
· To direct the school program to seek out the gifts of each student and to develop them appropriately, helping the individual to achieve their full potential. An integral formation of every dimension of the human person will be emphasized, including physical education (mens sana in corpere sano).
·To foster an environment that is guided by, exemplifies, and embodies the Gospel.
·To create a community where administration, parents, and faculty work together to form students in true justice and holiness.
·To create "a school of the Lord´s service" in the Benedictine tradition of community spirituality.
·To focus on the formation of St. Virgil's graduates as young men and women of virtue and integrity. They should be prepared to use their freedom well.
·To help form the conscience of students so that they are guided by Gospel charity.
·To make St. Virgil School a dynamic partner in a Christian community of students, faculty, parents and parishioners.
·To abide by a pedagogy that is primarily directed by charity as opposed to fear.
·To become a focal point of growth in Catholic life for parents, faculty, students, and parishioners.
·To develop greater, more open channels of communication between parents, teachers, and administration."
Excerpted from the preschool's website