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Ocean Day School

North Lake Drive
Lakewood, NJ 08701

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Our position on the education of school aged children has withstood the test of time for more than twenty-one years.

Each child has value and has something unique to contribute to the classroom and school. It is our mission to know our students intimately in order to develop their full potential. Each child is special with his own way of learning. Some are visual learners, some are auditory learners, others are kinesthetic learners. Many rely on multiple modalities in order to succeed. We take no chances and waste no time. We believe it is imperative to immerse children in multi modality learning at an early age. We believe that language is the basis of all learning and that learning must take place in a systematic sequence with continuity throughout the grades.

There is an ever increasing need to provide an affordable alternative to public and parochial education. In an atmosphere of structure and discipline, the small private school has the luxury of accepting students who will flourish in our environment. Through careful evaluation, children’s individual instructional levels are identified; they are placed in homerooms based on their chronological ages and progress through the grades. Unique to our school is the cross-grading of students in all academic areas. A child who shows talent in reading or written language may take classes at a higher grade level. Conversely, a child who would benefit from repeating a particular level in mathematics can be cross-graded to that level without being prevented from progressing across the board.

We believe it is imperative to identify a child’s instructional level immediately and prescribe a program where holes are filled and gaps are bridged. We can formulate a program so unique that children themselves are amazed at how rapidly they “catch on”. We employ a blend of traditional and current research proven techniques to guide a child to experience success and develop positive attitudes towards education.

Most importantly, we believe that character and integrity should be one of life's first lessons. We revel in their successes as our children meet the challenges of an ever changing society. At Ocean Day School, we thrill in helping parents raise children of honor, intellect, integrity and kind heart.

Excerpted from the preschool's website