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Mother Goose Childcare Center

9 Mt Pleasant Trnpk
Dover, NJ 07834

(973) 537-8080


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"No child is a number each child is special and unique and we celebrate each child's unique gifts and teach them to best use them.

We at Mother Goose Child Care Center believe that every child should feel safe, loved, and inspired to explore and learn.

At Mother Goose Child Care Center we believe that when a child feels loved and secure in their environment and are well cared for, optimal learning takes place.

We believe at Mother Goose Child Care Center that every child in our care is special and each has unique gifts and needs. Our goals are to provide an environment in which curiosity and creativity are encouraged and rewarded for these are the fundamental tools of learning.

In addition at Mother Goose Child Care Center we believe in providing for individual differences in the care we deliver and the learning experiences we provide. Every child sees the world through different eyes and and no view is wrong, each is special.

At Mother Goose Child Care Center we achieve these goals by utilizing a safe and loving environment and couple it with fun and informative learning activities, and play. Children are challenged to learn but in an enjoyable way. In making learning fun we can build a foundation that will serve them well throughout their school years.
Excerpted from the preschool's website