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123 W Park Blvd
Collingswood, NJ 08108-3415

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Social discoveries begin with self discovery, as every child's individual growth
pattern and uniqueness is respected, appreciated and enjoyed. Role playing,
holiday celebrations, field trips and visitors are some of the vehicles utilized
to help expand concepts of self, family and community. Tolerance and consideration
for others is fostered.

Language and reading readiness skills are strengthened as children are
encouraged to share their ideas, feelings, experiences, accomplishments and
discoveries with teachers and peers. The treasures found in books unfold
through storytelling, poetry, films, puppetry, listening centers and our
comprehensive library. Dramatic play is enhanced through drama activities,
where children use props and costumes and act out various themes and stories.

A computer center is utilized to enhance learning objectives. Cognitive skills
and fundamental concepts will be reinforced using various software programs as
motivational tools.

Quantitative concepts develop spontaneously in daily routines: block building,
pouring, measuring, weighing, counting, classifying and sorting anything and

Creative curiosity is stimulated through a wide choice of art media. Guidance
is provided in utilization of materials, while the finished product is left to each
child's innovative ingenuity. Creations of artistic merit are displayed here and
throughout the community.

Sensitivity to the environment, logical thinking and problem solving skills are
acquired naturally through experiences with pets, aquariums, simple machines,
sound, seasons, weather and cooking.

Music is an integral part of the program. Imaginative interpretations are
elicited, as children are encouraged to respond individually to music in its
various forms. Singing and rhythm instruments are provided for group
participation. Professional musicians visit us with their instruments and music.

Movement Education provides a sense of space and direction, balance,
eye-hand coordination, perception and rhythm for developing body tone and
image. This development is enhanced through specially designed equipment
and well supervised playground and swimming activities, including a weekly
gymnastics program.

Excerpted from the preschool's website