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Montessori Chrismont Academy

503 7th Avenue
Belmar, NJ 07719

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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Montessori

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Dr. Maria Montessori established a philosophy of education by observing children. She devised a method based on direct interaction between the child and an enriched, "prepared environment." She found that children go through "Sensitive Periods," times when they are irresistibly drawn to experience and perfect certain skills, such as language, sensory growth or sense of order. Because of these sensitive periods, your child will learn more from age 0-6 than at any other time of his/her life. Physical growth, social adaptability, emotional stability as well as cognitive abilities are developing. We follow Maria Montessori's Philosophy of educating the "whole child." Children learn by using their senses. They need "hands-on" opportunities to investigate and experiment with their environment. They have a unique "Absorbent Mind," they take in information unconsciously. Process is what is important to them, the doing, not the end product.

Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Daily Schedule :
8:45-9:00 Children arrive, greeted at the door by their teacher.
9:00-10:30 Work Time-Children choose individual work or small group activities. Teachers observe, guide, make individual presentations.
A healthy snack is provided by the school and through contributions by the Parents Association. Fresh fruit and vegetables are served when available. For drinks we offer natural fruit juice or spring water. Children wash hands, prepare their snack, pour their beverage, and may invite a friend to join them. One snack per day is allowed.
10:45-11:15 Walk to the park if weather permits. Indoor games, songs, activities. Read a story, etc.
11:15-11:30 Get coats, prepare for dismissal. Teachers hand out papers, notices.
Dismissal, children wait at tables. Called to leave one at a time as parent or car pool arrives. Shake hands with Teacher as they leave.
Special Activities:
Tuesdays: Art
Wednesdays: Show and Tell, Music
Thursdays: French
12:15-12:30 PM session arrives
12:30-2:00: Work Time as above
2:00-2:10 Clean up, prepare for Park
2:15-2:50 Park if weather permits, indoor activities if not
2:50-3:00 Prepare for Dismissal as above
Special Activities As above

Excerpted from the preschool's website