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Children's Express Childcare and Learning Center

2814 S 87th St
Omaha, NE 68124-3041

(402) 391-7595


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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Play-Based, Teacher-Led

Day in the Life

General School Mission

At Children's Express Childcare & Learning Center you'll find experienced, well-trained teachers and stimulating activities where your child will be exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes. More importantly, they learn how to socialize, they make friends and learn to share and contribute. Your children will enter kindergarten with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies and stronger basic math and science skills.

Our program teaches kids how to be students. Your child will learn how to raise his/her hand, take turns, and share the teacher's attention. Furthermore, he/she will learn how to separate from Mommy or Daddy! All of this makes for an easier transition to kindergarten. Kindergarten Teachers will tell you that the students who are ready to learn are those who come into school with good social and behavioral skills.

Children's Express provides a place where your child can gain a sense of self, explore, play with his/her peers and build confidence. Kids in preschool discover that they are capable and can do things for themselves from small tasks to tackling bigger issues; like making decisions about how to spend their free time.

The skills a child learns at the early stages provide the foundation for all other skills that will be learned throughout life.

Trained and experienced Preschool Teachers are crucial to a successful preschool experience. For many children, preschool colors the way they will forever look at school; it is this first experience which will foster a lifelong love of learning and an overall sense of comfort and achievement within the preschool environment. Our Teachers will often take basic concepts and incorporate them into play. Children at this age learn through play concepts that incorporate all of their senses. While they are having fun and practicing essential social concepts such as being respectful of each other, taking turns, etc., they are unaware that they are even absorbing educational concepts. Our teachers are able to engage each child and offer lessons through these playful avenues. The most important qualification for preschool teachers is the ability to instill a joy of learning that stays with their young students for a lifetime!

The Children's Express All Aboard curriculum is organized into theme based centers that address topics which encourage children to develop their skills and confidence. Each center incorporates language, math, science, creative arts, music, motor skills and social development.

A Typical Day

At Children's Express Childcare & Learning Center, we consider it our privilege to accompany your children as they embark on a journey of growth and exploration. In our full-service childcare and preschool programs, children 6 weeks to 13 years experience a world rich with discovery guided by skilled and loving Teachers who celebrate each child's individuality.

Through our signature curriculum All-Aboard, children who come to Children's Express Childcare & Learning Center build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Home-School Connection

Home-School Connection: From the Director

The All-Aboard program for learning empowers children to become confident, successful, lifelong learners. We help children approach school and academics with skills, confidence, and a drive for excellence. We challenge children at all ages with developmentally appropriate programs based on skill levels.

"All Aboard" ProgramFeatures:

*Observation and test based assessments that demonstrate progress monthly
*Quarterly Parent/Teacher conferences to discuss your child's success and progress
*Thematic centers that encourage curiosity, self direction and confidence
*Math and science skills heightened through hands on experience and experiments
*Portfolios to collect your child's work and capture their unique creative expression
*Small group instruction
*Regular communication between Teachers and Parents to keep you informed about your child's day.


Separation is Handled through:

  • Pre-entry meetings with parents at school
  • Small group sessions
  • Parents in classroom early on