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Flora Macdonald Academy

200 North College Street
Red Springs, NC 28377

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Philosophy & Approach

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General School Mission

"The members of the staff and faculty of Flora Macdonald Academy are united in feeling that education encompasses the dissemination of established facts, the development of skills in logic and problem-solving, and the development of the creative spark in every student. We believe in the inherent worth of each individual and recognize our responsibility in providing a rich environment for the education of each of our students. Though the school cannot provide final answers, the school should be able to provide for each student the opportunity for development of self-awareness, self-critique, and self-esteem.

The faculty and staff feel that, in the final analysis, the burden of learning is on the student, but that teachers can ease the burden by creating conducive learning situations and activities. In order to be effective, the faculty must be well educated in subject areas as well as in the psychology of learning. The faculty must also be professionally oriented and willing to accept the tremendous responsibility of educating children.

The faculty and staff would like to synthesize existing theories of education, enabling the student to reach an adequate and comprehensive goal in these chaotic times. The faculty and staff also feel that they should impart to each student what is currently considered the very best that education can provide, and they should see that the student benefits from traditions, skills, insights, and accumulated values of the past.

The faculty and staff feel that self-realization is, in many respects, the most significant of classic and time-tested goals for education. Toward this end, they stress the transmission of cultural heritage, citizenship, discipline, knowledge for its own sake, social responsibility and creativity.

Finally, all persons associated with the school believe that academic excellence and positive atmosphere in the classroom are the very heart of a good education. Classroom democracy and love for the children are necessary ingredients to the construction of both academic excellence and development of a child's total potential. This final statement of belief implies the flexibility of both student and teacher.

Excerpted from the preschool's website

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