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Childcare Network Inc

780 Sutton Pl
Monroe, NC 28112-5167

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Our mission at Childcare Network is to provide children with the highest quality early care and education, to serve as a supportive network and resource for families, strengthening the communities that we serve, and to work interactively with other responsive networks and services to ensure that high quality preschool education remains progressive, safe, and affordable for all families.
Beginning at birth, and all the way through the school years, we are helping to map out a pathway to successful outcomes for our children. We work with parents to ensure that their children are given individualized attention and placed in a caring, encouraging, and educational environment. We offer a research based curriculum that addresses all of the developmental domains, and an age specific approach that helps children progress from one skill to the next in a way that has been proven to create a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
There is a vital link between these values and the ongoing commitment to our staff. Therefore, our team is encouraged and supported as they further their knowledge of Early Childhood Education. Childcare Network teachers and administrators serve as coaches and mentors to each other; enabling them to share ideas, experiences, and up to the minute knowledge of new research, policy and best practice. In addition, we provide on going skill set training through meetings, newsletters, and specific trainings.
We strive to provide parents with resources pertaining to nutrition, high quality health and dental care, cognitively stimulating home environments, access to services, strong social connections, and safety precautions for children. New parents, or parents that are new to our neighborhoods, can rely on us for information and support during life's transitions!
Childcare Network is one of the strongest advocates for children and families in the communities that we serve. We realize that we have a responsibility to our families and children to be a voice for affordable, well run, high quality preschool services. We will continue to work with local support agencies, legislatures, and school systems to advocate for safe, strong, and continuous services for children from birth through the school years.
We value our parents, our staff, and the important opportunity that we have to be a part of your child's development. The impact that we can have as partners for children is immeasurable!
Excerpted from the preschool's website