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Montessori Children's House

2400 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707-2150

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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Montessori

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General School Mission

"Montessori Children’s House of Durham (MCHD) aims to provide an environment that enables children to lay foundations for competence -- emotional, intellectual, moral, physical, social, and spiritual competence. We strive to help shape “citizens of the cosmos”-- people with a sense of the grand order of the universe who can assume their rights and their responsibilities, who find joy in learning, and delight among the peoples and in the places where they live.

To accomplish these goals, MCHD implements classic Montessori principles: fostering the development of coordination, order, and concentration, leading to independence. The child who develops skills in these four areas will actively contribute to and benefit from the world in which he or she lives.

These principles provide the framework for every level of our work--the layout of the classroom, the design of the curriculum, the modeling of each activity, and the intention of each lesson with the individual child. The teachers each day guide children toward

· learning to make decisions in practical life,

· exploring the myriad types of sensory experiences,

· delighting in the power of words in the language area,

· being excited by the vastness of number,

· expressing their unique voice through the arts,

· discovering continents and cultures in geography,

· and observing the marvelous spectrum of the natural world.

An over-reaching goal of our school is to provide a model for effective language and behavior that will serve to build a peaceful and safe social environment. Empowerment of the individual to verbalize needs and boundaries while respecting the boundaries of others and responding to their needs, is fostered in all aspects of the school day, and for all children.
Excerpted from the preschool's website