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St Alban's Weekday Preschool

Po Box 970 301 Caldwell Lane
Davidson, NC 28036-0970

(704) 892-8955


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"At St. Alban's Weekday Preschool, each child will be nurtured in his or her understanding of God, in social relationships and language, physically, emotionally and cognitively. Learning will be fostered through an interest center based, structured play environment. We believe that guided, developmentally appropriate play provides a strong foundation for future learning.
Our program will provide an environment that is nurturing and consistent in which children can feel secure and learn to trust. Then, we are able to offer a school day of opportunities that takes advantage of what children do naturally: explore the world around them through play. Play requires active, critical thinking, experimenting and problem solving. Through these direct, interactive experiences, children grow across all areas of development. As children are guided to work and play together, they learn to make decisions, take initiative, cooperate with others, follow instructions and think of themselves as capable persons.
How does this philosophy translate into day to day experiences at our preschool? Each day children will be provided time to explore their interests at centers. They may choose from a variety of activities, working independently or with a small group of classmates. We will facilitate and encourage creativity, valuing the process of discovery learning. New and exciting experiences will be incorporated each day that challenge children as they master skills and concepts. Children will also spend time daily with their whole class, talking about their world, their day, singing and moving to music and reading stories. Snack time and outside play will round out our school day.
Our total program will incorporate art, music, reading, Bible verses and stories, role-playing and drama, age appropriate language, math and science experiences, sensory experiences, movement activities and outdoor play, and special enrichment programs.
The staff at St. Alban's will love and respect each child, knowing that as children are loved and respected, they will, in turn, love and respect others. In our safe environment, children will be encouraged to express themselves as individuals, and develop in their own time. We will value each child as a unique and precious gift from God.
Excerpted from the preschool's website