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Philosophy & Approach

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General School Mission

"Dr Maria Montessori began her career as an educator of children in Rome 1907 and since this time her method has become famous for the high levels of achievement attained by its pupils.
By providing the children with a specialy prepared environment - one which is geared to the child's size, needs and natural interests - these levels have been achieved. The Montessori classroom's main characteristic is that it is adapted for children not adults.
Maria believed that our children learn best in a structured environment, which allows freedom of choice and movement. This structured environment has a wide range of learning materials, specifically designed activities reflecting all areas of your child's development. Everything within the classroom has a specific use and purpose.
Children in Montessori classrooms are treated as individuals, no two children are the same and Maria believed progress should be allowed to happen at their own pace. Through her observations, Maria discovered that children have an almost effortless ability to learn for themselves.
The unique self-correcting material of the Montessori classroom allows the child to work at their own pace, while discovering for themselves. Your child will naturally progress through the various pieces of equipment whilst being gently guided by the teachers.
As a natural consequence of your child's play with our integrated language and mathematical material, your child will one day suddenly discover that they can read and write, do enormous sums - apparently without effort.
Our hope is that your child will leave our school confident, happy, having awakened their interest in all subjects and have a love of learning that will stay with them forever."
Excerpted from the preschool's website