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St Alphonsus Catholic School

104 S 5th St
Mccomb, MS 39648-4009

(601) 684-2948


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"St. Alphonsus Elementary and Preschool is a Catholic school. The Educational Institutions of the
Diocese respect parents as primary educators of their children and provide learning opportunities
in an atmosphere that reinforces the educational and formational priorities occurring within the
home environment. Parents freely choose to share their parental authority and responsibility for
the education and formation of their children with the Catholic school/center community in a
cooperative relationship. Children of other religions may be accepted on a seat available basis
unless attendance would cause conflict for the child because of the unique religious philosophy of
our school/center.
The Catholic educators' task is to relate experiences of the students to the news of salvation. In
the Christian environment, the students develop the ability to relate knowledge, understanding
and skills taught in school to life experiences, which will nurture Christian ideals and values. The
goal is to develop the intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, cultural and social aspects of all
students while taking into consideration individual needs, abilities, interests and ultimately foster
personal holiness and social reform in light of Christian values. This would enable the students to
become responsible to God, to themselves and to the world in which they live. St. Alphonsus
Catholic School provides an environment of love and concern in the development of the total
Therefore, the goals of Catholic schoolteachers at St. Alphonsus are:
To provide a ministry in support of the home which helps develop the three interlocking
dimensions of the educational mission of the Church: the message revealed by God, fellowship in
the life to the Holy Spirit, and service to the Christian community and the entire human
To provide quality education that nurtures the physical, social, emotional and intellectual aspects
of the development of Children.
To educate students to their fullest potential in academic areas with an appreciation of a multicultural
world and their heritage.
To create an environment which encourages self-discipline, high academic standards, critical and
creative thinking, mutual cooperation and sensitivity to children's personal needs.
To provide opportunities for students to develop a positive self-concept and to help them
recognize their potential and their limitations.
To provide skills needed for students to achieve economic self-sufficiency and to become
responsible, contributing members of a democratic society.
To provide students with an awareness of global concerns and a comprehension of the
individual's responsibility in achieving political and social reform which preserving the natural
To recognize educational strengths and weaknesses in individual students and to meet and
challenge these differences."
Excerpted from the preschool's website