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St Alphonsus Pre School

25 Alphonsus Rd
Silex, MO 63377-3217

(573) 384-5305


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"St. Alphonsus is here to:
educate children in academics and Catholic doctrine with the view of the whole person.
inspire the students to respect all of God's creation, accept responsibility, and to develop a spiritual life.
develop a Christian community among parents, students, faculty, administration, parishioners, and pastor.
motivate the students to care for and serve others within and outside the community through learning and prayer.
St. Alphonsus School is concerned with faith, education, and discipline.
Faith: As St. Alphonsus is a Catholic school, our efforts will be to bring each child to a greater awareness of the personal love that God has for them and all people. Each student should in turn make a personal response to that love through prayer, worship,and daily concern for others.
Education: The academic program is constructed to provide a general coordinated process of learning. Our purpose is intellectual development with the view of the whole person. The faculty's daily efforts are toward enabling each child to become an integrated Christian person, with the ability to transfer learning to real life situations in a Christian manner.
Discipline: We believe that discipline is an important dimension of life. We at St. Alphonsus endeavor to teach the child the importance of responsibility, accountability, and a concern and respect for others, and the desire to make good choices.
Excerpted from the preschool's website