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East Missouri Action Agency Inc - Head Start Centers, Farmington Park Hills

521 East Main Street
Park Hills, MO 63601

(573) 431-4093



Schedule & Tuition

Ages Size Days Tuition
3yrs to 5 yrs
  • 5 days a week

Application & Admissions


Application accepted 1. Child's birth certificate or hospital record 2. Proof of income: · Last year's income tax return · Current SSI printout from Social Security office · Social Security Disability 1099 form or printout from Social Security office for all members of the family · Current TANF printout from Family Support Division · If you do not have the above, a letter from all employers stating gross wages and beginning and ending dates of employment. 3. Parent, attorney of fact, guardian's signature Before your child can be enrolled we will need your child's: 1. Up-to-date immunization records 2. Custody papers, if applicable. Must be 3-years-old before August 1.  

Admission Process

Acceptance criteria The following special family circumstances also are given higher priority: homelessness, living in a shelter, abuse or neglect, incarceration of a parent; recent death or terminal illness of immediate family member, disability or mental illness of immediate family member; suspected disability of the applicant child; and/or children living in a home other than a child's parent (e.g. relative) who has legal custody of the child No caregiver in the home: Both parents are working, in school or on disability or a combination of these or a single parent who meets one of these criteria receive higher priority. Disability

Age/Child Requirements

Child's minimum age to enroll 3 Years