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Independence, MO 64055

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Independence Head Start and Early Head Start Programs strive to provide the
highest quality comprehensive child development and education program possible
within each child's neighborhood school. Combining the philosophies of Dr. Edward
Zigler's School of the Twenty First Century and Head Start, we believe:
· A child's development benefits most from a comprehensive,
interdisciplinary program where staff and family work closely together,
· A child's family, as the principle influence in a child's development, must
be directly and meaningfully involved at all levels of our program, and
· The strengths and uniqueness of each family should be maximized
through program participation.
The fundamental goal of the Head Start Center is to increase social competence in
children and to facilitate competencies that will enhance future school success. In
striving to achieve this goal, the cognitive (thinking), social, emotional, creative and
physical development of all children is enhanced through developmentally appropriate
activities in and outside the classroom. This experience provides an active learning
environment that allows children to cultivate their interests while developing knowledge
about their surroundings and social skills in relating with each other and adults.
Head Start and Early Head Start Programs maintain an awareness of the social
competence of the entire family. The Centers work with the whole family to create the
best possible experiences for a child's maximum growth and social development. It is
our goal to increase the family's skills in dealing with day-to-day tasks. To realize these
goals, the Head Start and Early Head Start Programs have adopted the following:
· To support the child's health, mental health and physical abilities.
· To support the family's attitude toward future health care.
· To encourage the child's desire to learn, to be spontaneous, to be creative
and to have self-discipline.
· To support the child's cognitive process, conceptual and communication
· To support the ability of family members to relate to each other and to
others in their community and become advocates for their child and family.
· To enhance a sense of dignity and self-worth within the child and the
family by establishing expectations and patterns of success for the child
and family."
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Infant/Toddler Daily Routine
Program includes breakfast, lunch, and snack.
Morning and Individualized Care
Individualized Nap
Play Time
Outdoor / Gym / Buggy Ride
Early Afternoon Individualized Care
Nap Time
Play Time
Outdoor / Gym / Buggy Ride
Late Afternoon Individualized Care
Play Time
Nap Time
2-Year Old and Preschool Daily Routine
Depending on program option, breakfast, lunch, and/or snack will be served.
All program options contain the following routines:
Small Group - Teacher initiated activity designed to extend skills and learning
experiences for children. Children are encouraged to use materials in different
Work Time - Child initiated time for children to engage with materials of their
choice. All programs schedule 45+ minute worktime. Teachers use worktime to
observe children and ask open-ended questions that will initiate and extend
children's thinking.
Outdoor Time - Allows children to develop large muscles and further develop
social skills with peers.
Story / Language - Activities are designed to further develop and enrich
language and literacy skills.
Circle Time – Children and adults in the classroom participate in the total group
activity such as singing, dramatic play, rhythm and movement, games, or Al's
Excerpted from the preschool's website