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Visitation Child Care Center

2455 Visitation Drive
Saint Paul, MN 55120

(651) 683-1700


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The philosophy of care in the infant program is based on a child-oriented, individualized
approach to accommodate each infant's needs and personality and compliment parent
style and wishes. The infant staff will provide comfort, body contact, food, social
activities and language; presenting the external world to each infant in ways that promote
their developmental process within a context of safety, security and trust. Education of
the children is a constant process of interaction based on the belief that everything we do
with the child is education."
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Infant Daily Schedule
(The schedule in the infant room is variable because of the daily changes in individual
children's needs. The following is an example of which contains the basic elements of a
day in the infant room)
7:00- 9:00am Arrivals, Early Feedings, Play Experiences, Diapering
9:00- 10:00am Active Play, Outdoor Stroller Walk
10:00- 11:00am Snacks/Feedings, Play Experiences, Napping, Diapering
11:00- 12:00pm Lunch/Feedings, Diapering, Play Experiences
12:00- 1:30pm Outdoor Stroller Walk, Play Experiences, Diapering
1:30- 3:00pm Napping, Play Experiences, Snacks/Feedings
3:00- 6:00pm Departures (ongoing), Play Experiences, Diapering
Toddler Daily Schedule
(Always Flexible!!!)
7:00- 9:15am Arrivals, Free Choice
9:15- 9:30am Snack
9:30- 10:00am Diapering, Toileting
10:00- 11:00am Circle Time, Large Motor Time
11:00- 11:15am Large Group
11:15- 11:45 Lunch
11:45- 12:15pm Outside Play, Free Choice
12:15- 12:45pm Diapering, Toileting
12:45- 2:45pm Rest / Nap Time
2:45- 3:00 Wake up, Diapering, Toileting
3:00- 3:15 Snack
3:15- 6:00 Free Choice, Large Motor, Departures
Preschool Daily Schedule
(Schedule is variable because of individual child's needs. This is an example.)
7:00- 9:00am Arrivals, free choice, center activities, small group projects
8:10am AM Montessori departs
9:00- 9:30am Snack, toileting
9:30- 10:00am Large group circle time (i.e. singing, listening, sharing, reading)
10:00- 11:00am Large motor time (i.e. outside play, walks, gym usage)
11:00am AM Montessori returns
11:00- 11:50am Lunch, cleanup, toileting
11:50am PM Montessori departs
11:50- 12:30pm Outside play, free choice center activities
12:30- 2:15pm Rest / nap time and nap time center activities
2:15- 2:40pm Wake up, toileting, snack
2:40pm PM Montessori returns
2:40- 3:30pm Free choice center activities, small group projects
3:30- 5:00pm Outside play, large motor activities
5:00- 6:00pm Departures, free choice center activities and small group projects"
Excerpted from the preschool's website