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General School Mission

"Our Philosophy
A Creative Approach…
Young children learn from their daily interactions with the environment. A carefully planned, rich environment is the foundation for our programs. We use the criteria established by the National Academy of Early Childhood Education to guide us. The Creative Curriculum® by Diana Trister Dodge provides the framework for our classrooms – infant through school age.
The Creative Curriculum focuses on interest areas and fosters creativity in both children and teachers. Being creative means thinking of new ideas, obtaining information by asking questions, learning through trial and error, and benefiting from mistakes. Children’s creativity is supported by an environment that encourages them to try out ideas and to risk making mistakes. Teachers’ creativity is supported by a planning process that encourages them to be innovative in the use of materials and equipment and responsive to children. The Creative Curriculum provides information for developing an educational setting in which young children can thrive.
Teachers develop lessons plans based upon objectives for each age group. Every child is monitored for progress in the following areas:
Excerpted from the preschool's website