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Philosophy & Approach

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General School Mission

"The “fear of the Lord” is the essence of all education in a Christian context (Proverbs 1:7, 9:10,
Ecclesiastes 12, 13; Ephesians 6:4). In Scripture, the “fear of the Lord” refers not only to the
posture or attitude of the inner man, but also encompasses the outward acts that are performed
based upon the inner attitude (i.e., “Fear God and keep His commandments.”) It also refers to the
development of an outlook on reality (consisting of the seen, material world and an unseen,
immaterial, spiritual world) to enable the student to choose to live totally in the light of what is
really there. For example, there are no satisfactory answers to the questions of science, math,
history and other disciplines without beginning with God's revealed truth in His Word and His
Son, Jesus Christ. The Scriptures and Jesus Christ then become the foundation for our
philosophy of education. With this as our underlying principle, we recognize that all truth is
God's truth and therefore no true division can be brought to separate the secular and the sacred.
Every area of life and thought must be brought into captivity and obedience to Jesus Christ, and
every situation must be evaluated and judged with the written Word of God as the ultimate and
final authority.
Since the fear of the Lord is also the starting point for wisdom, we believe that true wisdom
involves selecting proper life goals, determining to attain them and applying the best means to do
so. If the proper “fear of the Lord” is taught and the student is in the posture of obedience to
God, he will then determine to press toward the best goals. However, we recognize the
limitations of the Christian school and do not presume or attempt to be a saint and angel factory,
but rather to be a molding instrument implementing discipline and principles of loving firmness
that the Holy Spirit can use in lives to develop and bring each into maturity in Jesus Christ.
Education that is Christian in context is based on the development of the “fear of the Lord” for
wisdom and knowledge, with the first link in the educational chain being the home. Christian
parents have the obligation to live, talk and teach the “fear of the Lord” in the home as God holds
them responsible for the education their children receive, whether it is public or private. Thus,
we believe that parents must be vitally involved in their children's learning processes and
agencies and, therefore, consider the school to be an arm and extension of the Christian home and
church. Therefore, the school must be parent-led, with the primary goal being to train and bring
to maturity students who are professing Christians, and secondarily to evangelize those students
who have not made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. We affirm the tenet, “No Christian
School without Christian teachers.” The worldview of the teacher, in so far as he is effective,
gradually conditions the worldview of the pupil. Christian teachers must continually bring their
thoughts into captivity to Christ and His Word that they might teach their subject from a truly
Biblical frame of reference. We also believe in the constant pursuit of academic excellence to
achieve the full maturity of each pupil in Jesus Christ."
Excerpted from the preschool's website