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Creative Montessori Academy-Discovery House

15100 Northline Road
Southgate, MI 48195

(734) 284-5600


Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Montessori

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Based on the works of Maria Montessori, our philosophy is designed to educate the whole child through Integrated Curriculum, a method proven to maximize the learning capabilities of all children.

Individualized curriculum, provided by trained Montessori teachers, is directed at developing self-confidence and self-discovery. A Montessori classroom is designed to connect students with their environment in preparing them for the future. Students, with the help of their teachers, become active participants in planning their learning experience. Children work in spontaneous, meaningful activities, directed at developing reasoning and life skills. All studies include classroom exploration and field trips outside the classroom.

A Montessori student thrives in an environment that allows for children to explore, enriches their senses, and enables children to work at their own pace. Montessori students are sequentially moving towards refined, coordinated, and self-discipline in personal and social proficiency.

Excerpted from the preschool's website