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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

A Typical Day

"A Day in the Life of a Preschooler:
Many parents don't realize how many fun and important things their preschoolers are up to on a daily basis. Our preschool program uses the High/Scope Principle of Plan, Do, and Review. After breakfast, the children participate in large motor games that involve cognitive skills such as counting, phonics, number and letter recognition. We then get together and discuss points of interest such as we may talk about "the cool flower we saw this morning," or " my mom's new car," or the great scratch on a wounded arm. We toss a ball to one another to be sure that everyone gets a chance to talk, "If you have the ball, it is your turn to talk, if not it is your turn to listen."
After group time the teachers let the children know about some of the activities that we have planned for them for that morning. The teacher then asks the children individually, what is your plan for the day? The children may choose a planned activity or have their own plan in mind, either one is o.k. We believe that children's brains tell them when it is ready to learn. Allowing children to make their own choices allows them to learn what they need to learn when their brain is most in tune to that activity.
Within Our Program
In the Art Room, we want children to feel free to explore all areas of the room during choice time. The staff will not do a child's project for them, children will create all art. Therefore, be prepared to see many beautiful and unique creations that your child will be proud of ! P.S. Never guess what the project is, say "tell me about your picture" you can't give a wrong answer that way!
In the Science Room, we will be doing many different open-ended experiments. We want the children to begin a quest for knowledge at this very young age. We plan to keep this room a place that helps children to learn to problem solve. Tadpoles, moths, butterflies, birds and guinea pigs are some of the living science we will explore. Children learn from hands on experience. We will help children open the part of their mind that asks the question, "What if?"
In the Dramatic Play room children learn how to interact socially by using dramatic play as a testing ground. This is a very important learning area for children. Although the children may seem to be "just playing," they are actually acting out their emotions, making new friends, coping with feelings, figuring out family dynamics, and much more!
In the Block and Building Area children learn spatial relations and cause and effect while building with blocks. Block building is a great area for cooperative play, as children decide together how they will construct their structure.
In our Library, books will be changed often so that reading will be exciting (Favorite stories will be read over and over until we tire of them, children learn through repetition). Theme stories will also be told using a flannel board, puppets, or our imaginations! We even like to take turns acting out stories or being the narrator of fairy tales! Reading is fun and exciting. We will practice our pre, beginning, and emergent reading skills by playing games, word chants, and spending one on one time with a good book! Reading and writing skills at our center begin with self-name recognition. We have found that children fell very impowered when they recognize their own name in print. After mastering their own name, children often begin to recognize the names of friends, family, etc. (i.e. letter recognition)
Writing activities will be a natural part of our day. We want children to enjoy the art of writing. What a thrill it is to see your name written all by yourself. We do not believe in "flash card learning." We want learning to come from natural curiosity. Books and writing utensils are available in every room in our school."
Excerpted from the preschool's website