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St Peter & Paul School

4735 W Michigan Ave
Saginaw, MI 48638-6370

(989) 799-9006


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

" S.S. Peter and Paul School is committed to the spiritual social and academic growth of each child based on the Catholic Tradition of Faith in God, and Service to the Mission of Christ in the world.
S. S. Peter and Paul School seeks to create an environment that emphasizes the teaching, learning, and practice of the Catholic Faith.
S. S. Peter and Paul School forms our young people in the Catholic way of life that includes Eucharist, prayer, and Catholic teaching so that faith is integrated into every class.
S. S. Peter and Paul School belongs to S S. Peter and Paul Church and is seen as an extension of the mission of our parish.
S. S. Peter and Paul School creates a partnership between the families of our students, the staff and faculty, and the parish as a whole.
S. S. Peter and Paul School celebrates diversity believing our school reflects the richness of the socioeconomic make-up of our community and society.
S. S. Peter and Paul School integrates Christian/community service into our school program that includes adopting a community organization that all our students recognize as our responsibility.
S. S. Peter and Paul School promotes academic excellence in the classroom and gives students opportunities to challenge and develop their God-given talents.
S. S. Peter and Paul School recognizes the importance of utilizing standardized testing as benchmarks for curriculum alignment and instructional goals.
S. S. Peter and Paul School has clear expectations of outcomes for every grade level as part of our curriculum.
S. S. Peter and Paul School strives to discipline our students in a Christ-centered manner always teaching that all behavior has consequences.
S. S. Peter and Paul School exposes our students to Christian leaders from a variety of careers so that our students will have appropriate role models as they make decisions about their life-direction.
S. S. Peter and Paul School promotes its Endowment to provide a financial sound future for the school as a whole; and specifically to offer our staff and teachers improved compensation, economically disadvantaged children the opportunity to be educated in our school, and the enhancement of our technology program."
Excerpted from the preschool's website