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Trinity Lutheran School

1935 Rhodes Street
Reese, MI 48757

(989) 868-4501


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Every child of the human race stands at the pinnacle of God's creation, even though they are alienated from their Lord by sin. Because God's love and forgiveness is the ultimate statement of His will for us, we focus on teaching about His redemptive work and strive to lead all to repentance and growth through His means of Grace. In the search for truth, the Christian acknowledges that truth is known chiefly through the Scriptures and through the understanding of the God the Scriptures reveal. We believe this revelation to be relevant to all of our lives and circumstances. A valuable education therefore, is one that teaches students to know God's Word, understand God's creation and live charitably toward their neighbors to the glory of God.

Our primary purpose and obligation is to develop in our students such attitudes, habits and skills that are necessary to train the heart, head and hands. Our children have certain basic needs -- spiritual, physical, mental, social, emotional and aesthetic -- which we seek to satisfy so that our children can live as a free responsible beings in Christ, whose lives, works and accomplishments bring glory to God, joy to their neighbor and satisfaction to themselves.

Every child can learn. When individual physical and psychological conditions are taken into account by educators: individual differences, readiness, motivations, purposes and interests, life circumstances, etc., God's child can learn. He will have the basic knowledge to change and choose his course of action wisely through the use of his senses (experience), educated reason, intuition, and reliance upon the authority of divine revelation (the Bible).

Excerpted from the preschool's website