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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Our mission is an ambitious one. Yet, we have faith that through the will and grace of Allah (SWT), our mission as presented below will be realized.

The Islamic Academy of Riverside will be recognized in Southern California as a leading Muslim institution of education. We will be the best example of how to successfully integrate academic and religious curricula. Our Arabic and Islamic studies curriculum will enhance the quality of general education our students receive.
Each student will feel that he/she is our most valued and appreciated student. They will be eager to attend school each day, and and will be impressed by the school's consistent commitment to preparing them as competent, mature, young adult leaders in our society. In addition, our students will enjoy the beauty of our facility and will take pride in helping to maintain that beauty.
Our teaching facility and administrative staff will be proud of there association with the Islamic Academy of Riverside, and they will be an integral part of our success. They will see the Islamic Academy as the best school at which to work, where where they can grow Islamically, professionally and personally. Our staff will commit themselves to continuously improve and refine the quality of education we offer, to enhance the beauty and cleanliness of our campus, and to nurture the God-given talent of each student.
Or objective is to prove a safe and supportive environment where are children can learn and grow with Muslim values. The Islamic Academy of Riverside has set for itself the goal to better educate its students for living in harmony with there Islamic beliefs in a non-Muslim society. We pray sincerely that Allah (SWT) will reward our efforts and our intentions
Excerpted from the preschool's website