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Northville Christian School

41355 6 Mile Road
Northville, MI 48168

(248) 348-9031


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"NCS has become one of the most effective schools in Michigan providing a culture of respect and higher learning for children. Families have discovered our school is a safe and respectful community. Our students are given an opportunity to grow into the people that God intended without outside destructive influences. The students engage in normal childhood fun, have a chance to be themselves and discover the benefits derived from following wisdom. Problems are effectively addressed with older student mentors and staff using healthy ideas and principles. By being able to flourish emotionally and socially, students are able to succeed academically.

We have one of the most effective programs to guide children towards mathematical and literacy mastery in Michigan. We have combined traditional strategies with new proven approaches to offer a curriculum that ensures every child succeeds. By approaching instruction with a diagnostic intent, we are able to design lesson presentations that capture the unique learning style of each student. Through our own documentation and the results from the annual Stanford Achievement Tests, we can see how our students score well above grade level in math, literacy and sciences. The national norm for American public schools in the 50th percentile, and yet our recent class of graduates averaged in the 90th percentile.

Though our gifted students have been challenged and have gone on to academic success in college, we have not forgotten that as many as 40% of children struggle to become fluent readers. We may be the only Christian school in the area with a program that recognizes early the learning challenges in students. Through prompt intervention in the lower elementary grades, children have avoided ineffective reading development and have gone on to improve several grade levels above their chronological age. NCS ensures that years are not wasted teaching children through ineffective teaching strategies. Call our administration for a more detailed discussion about these two core priorities: morals and academics"
Excerpted from the preschool's website