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"We are all aware of the intense impact that the first years of a child's life have on that child's future success and happiness. Most educators and experts in the area of child development agree that the first five years determine the course of the next fifty. It was based on this principle that I started to develop my ideas about early education, around thirty years ago.

• Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was an exceptional educator and physician � she was the first Italian woman to receive a medical degree when graduating from the University of Rome in 1896. My respect for Dr. Montessori is enormous, for she was the first educator that transformed the discipline of education into a science. I admire her respect for children, and the way in which she emphasized the child's dignity. By creating the method and materials that we use in our classrooms today, Dr. Montessori enabled the young student to unfold by discovering the pleasures of learning.

• I was also inspired by Dr. Glen Doman. He is a human developmentalist who began to create prodigies. He studied children in one hundred nations, was honored by several of those nations, and is currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Through his work he proved to humanity that extremely successful, high achieving, and bright people are not always a genetic coincidence, but are developed through appropriate motivation in the first five years of life.

Here at the Montessori Center of Farmington Hills, our goal and ideal is to provide the child with the basic foundation for a successful life. To meet the child's emotional needs, we provide a nurturing, loving atmosphere, balanced by set limits and consistency. On the other hand, we also meet their intellectual and vocational needs by providing academic excellence, including enriched programs like art. Spanish, computers, dance, and music. During the summer months we provide a full sports curriculum, including regular swimming lessons. It is important to mention that our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the increasing number of working mothers. We very much support the idea of women having their own careers � when Mom is happy, the child is happy, and is only benefited as a result. Because the children of working parents spend so much time with us, we have created a nurturing, loving day care that also provides children with a strong academic foundation to prepare them for a life of success and educational achievement.
Excerpted from the preschool's website