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Detroit Waldorf School

2555 Burns
Detroit, MI 48214

(313) 822-0300


Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Waldorf

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Innovative Teaching
Waldorf education is designed to draw out the child's inherent curiosity and love of learning through teachers who have a profound reverence for the child as a unique human being. Education (from the Latin, educare, to lead out) is the art of "bringing forth" the gifts that all children bring to this life so that they will develop clear, creative thought and expression; balance and compassion in their feelings; and energy, initiative and conscience in their deeds.
Inspired Minds
Our community of educators and parents share the ideal that it is the birthright of every child to develop his or her full human potential. Our aim is to graduate students who are capable of independent, critical and creative thinking and who will enter life fully capable of "joy and happiness in living, a love of all existence and a power and energy for work" (Rudolf Steiner)
Incomparable Education
Waldorf education offers a rich academic and artistic curriculum for all grades, including science, mathematics, language arts, literature, history, geography, fine and practical arts, two foreign languages, music, and physical education. Our school is fully accredited by North Central Association and by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. The depth of curriculum, diversity, and community students experience at Detroit Waldorf School provide the finest private school education in Detroit. "
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"Morning Language Arts Circle: The morning circle is comprised of classical fairy tales, folk legends, poetry and nature stories, finger plays and creative movement. Themes change seasonally.
Main Activity: A broad range of artistic and practical activities gives the children a clear perception of work processes and processes in nature. For example by baking bread, the child participates through the complete activity of grinding the wheat berries, sifting and mixing ingredients, shaping the bread loaves, smelling the baking bread, and finally, enjoying the fruit of their labors by having the bread for snack. The world is good!
Free Play: During free play, the children have the opportunity to develop their social skills. The children are free to choose their activities and their playmates. Free play may include dressing up, playing with puppets, building with logs, "cooking" in the children's kitchen, or playing house. All activities are initiated by the children themselves.
Snack and Clean-up Time: The school provides a snack of fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads, homemade cookies, hot cereal and granola. The food and beverages are free of additives and preservatives. At the conclusion of snack, the children and teachers work together to clean up and care for their environment.
Outdoor Free Play: Our playground includes natural climbing logs, sandbox, swings, and a climber and slide combination. Through active outdoor play, the children joyfully develop and test their physical skills.
Lunch and Nap Time: Children bring their lunches from home and eat them in a home-like atmosphere at a table set with a seasonal centerpiece, placemats and napkins. Following lunch and clean-up, the children have a nap or rest period, followed by indoor or outdoor free play until the end of the day. "
Excerpted from the preschool's website